Forming a group.. - July 19th, 2009

Hey guys, I'm trying to pull together a group on YouTube called Famous YT Gimpers, a group comprised of most of the larger Gimp channels. If the other channels join, great! It may get big.


Summer Camp - June 28th, 2009

I'm gone until Friday. -GKH

Wow this site really needs an update! - June 26th, 2009

For one, I've been back from DC for a while now. I need to close the epic thumbnail contest, congratulations to Gimper165. I need to update the thumbnail, among other things, but just letting you know, that probably won't happen for a good few days. -GKH

Vote for the Epic Contest Winner! - June 11th, 2009

Forums - June 7th, 2009

*Yawn* Alright, I deleted the main page of the forums, however the recent post bar still contains posts in case any of you want to finish up conversations. It will require you to re-register, however, it's all up and running. I used a Java 301 redirect, so please have Java enabled. (Most people already do). When you click on Forums, it should take a second, then redirect you to The recent posts bar will be deleted in 3 days.


Transitioning - June 7th, 2009

It's time to move forums... Alright, is now open for business. You'll have to re-register there, and I'm in the process of moving a few key threads over there. In the meantime, I have work to do.

Happy Gimping!


New forum Categories created - May 29th, 2009

The new categories that were suggested have been created. 


The forums have been back up... for a long time. - May 24th, 2009

Alright, they have been back up for a long time, I was just too lazy to update. 

NEWS: I am coming out with a series called Gimp 101. It will be a video detailing Gimp, explaining layers, paths, and other functions and need-to-know skills. 

I must apologize - May 15th, 2009

The forums are down...

Intro Finished - May 12th, 2009

Thanks to FWT, he did an excellent job! We will have it available for download shortly. is now OPEN - May 7th, 2009

The domain name now works, and I am going to remove the banner. (Opening banner)

Domain Name active in 24 hrs. - May 6th, 2009

The domain name will go live in 24 hours. Also, all ads have been deleted. No more annoying rollover ads. Some pretty funky stuff may go on when the domain name is being transferred from my godaddy server to freewebs.

I guess not all tutorials will have thumbnails... Sorry, but transferring a domain is tricky business. The banner will have the opening sign removed... -GKH

Downtime - May 1st, 2009 will be down while GimpKnowHow completely erases the video system, and resubmits most of the tutorials. All videos will now be in one channel: All Tutorials. The submit tutorial request button will go away, and be replaced with a tutorial request forum in the Forums. The Submit a Video button will be reworked to "How to Submit a Video". The Opening Soon banner will be taken down, and the .net domain name will be applied. The forums will undergo some changes, there will be another section to discuss ALL tutorials, and the GimpKnowHow's tutorials will be taken away. Remember, I am trying to even the playing field between me and all other submitters. There will be a new thumbnail available for download. (For embedded videos). This should all happen this week. 

Also, the banner has undergone a minor contrast fix. It was more red that I wanted it, but .png didn't support this orange color. It is now .jpg. 

New Banner - April 30th, 2009

A new banner to go with the .net name. We should get the .net name up soon, be patient! -GKH 

Buying a domain name - April 28th, 2009

I hope to buy by the end of the month. I'll let you know when we are up and running. When I buy the domain name, I will receive Google Adwords credits, so I should be able to advertise. Whether or not a new theme appears, is up to how much money I make this month, and if my partnership application gets accepted with YouTube.


Heres to - The official Video Tutorial website of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.


Blog Now Active - April 25th, 2009

I am now actively posting in the blog... Check it out. You can subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Bug Fixed - April 23rd, 2009

The bug is fixed. All new members can now post on the forums. ACI submitted another great tutorial in HD. Check it out.


Restriction Lifted.

Title. A new tutorial is out. How to clean images. -GKH

Temporary Forum restriction... - April 16th, 2009

Only non-limited members can access the forums at this time. All new members will be demoted to limited members to prevent a certain someone from ransacking the forums like that certain someone has been doing for the past hour. This is to prevent him from making any new accounts with access to the forums. Thanks for your understanding!



Welcome to Hope you enjoy.- April 14th, 2009 I emphasize more on users uploading their own videos, as well as me uploading mine.

So far what I am doing:

I am equalizing my and other submitters rights. No more annoying UVTSP tag in front of your video. I am promoting the submitters channels. I am in the process of merging all channels. (This is very tedious, so probably won't be done) The UVTSP has been replaced with "submit a video". The submit tutorial request is the same, but now all requests will be posted on the forums.

The videos now have cover art.

ANYONE can comment on videos now. (Not just members). Seriously. ANYONE can.

PERHAPS a blog will be added.

Ironically, you can now get to this site through,, and, but not from Perhaps I will buy a domain name, but not now.

PMing FINALLY added. - April 4th, 2009

You can now add friends and PM people. I really need a person to design all of the new banners, I am getting tired of making a banner per week... Also, the tiled background has been removed. Although it looked cool, the website should now render faster... It has been slow in the past... And for some reason the header text keeps turning green when I want it to be blue! -GKH

I have my tutorial - March 31st, 2009

I'll give you a hint. It involves fire. The  fire is animated. It is not directly animated fire. (Meaning the tutorial is not JUST about animated fire). That is all.


Tutorialer's Block.. Um.. Can you call it that? - March 28th, 2009

I have Tutorial(er)'s block. I can't think of anything to make a tutorial on. On another note, AcornComicsInc submitted another great UVTSP. I also now have a twitter. -GKH

Sorry for being inactive... - March 19th, 2009

I have been inactive of late... Anyway, new tutorial out. In high quality. Has anyone else noticed discussion stalling?


YouTube Layout Tutorial released - March 8th, 2009

No new banner this week. (How do you make a background from a layout??!!)

Forums Finally Upgraded, Lots of Other Stuff - March 7th, 2009

First off, in the forums, you may now edit your posts within the next ten minutes of posting them. In addition, I will be coming out with a 25 minute long tutorial on how to create a YouTube layout, all by yourself. 25 minutes is fairly rough, it could be as much as 40. As you can imagine, we will be going into depth. I already have the technique down, and would be posting one if not for the fact that when recording the tutorial, I had my microphone switched off. I still don't know why my tutorials aren't coming out in high quality. 



Video Tutorial Released - February 28th, 2009

The title says it all, folks. The podcast has been deleted; too much work for 5 subscribers.

UVTSP - February 20th, 2009

FreeWillTutorials submitted our first UVTSP. Check it out in the videos section.

Video Released! - February 12th, 2009

I know I said tomorrow. But LOST was on. It's impossible for me not to watch lost. Anyway, check it out in the video gallery. -GKH

Release Update - February 10th, 2009

I know the portal's logo isn't just like a certain search engines... For one, the text is too thick, and the shadow is far too strong. Oh well. I didn't want to download another font file, and the practice is the same. The tutorial will be available some time tomorrow. Regards - GKH

New Tutorial - February 8th, 2009

It is a portal exclusive / podcast. Take a swing by the video tutorial section and check it out!

Huge Updates - February 6th, 2009

You may have noticed the banner changed...Again. This is because I am implementing a new system where the banner will contain my current tutorial in it, along with some previous tutorials. Sorry Acorn, but the life of your banner has regrettably been cut short. Hope you like this one I whipped up quick! Remember, it will change often, and every time it does, a new tutorial is out! UVTSP is now added! Check it out!

Upcoming Podcast - February 5th, 2009

Hello again, everybody. I haven't submitted any tutorials in a while, but I think this will make up for it. I am coming out with the GKH podcast. It will be auto pan, of course. (If I did it fullscreen you couldn't see at all.) I am submitting it to iTunes, I just have to make my first tutorial. Now, I am pretty much bogged down with all the tutorials I have to do, one for youtube, one for here, and one for my podcast. So, I am now only submitting a tutorial to youtube once every two weeks. I believe there is only one other Gimp podcast out there, and I think it is audio only. -GKH

Yet More Updates - February 2nd, 2009

I made some spelling errors that were corrected. For example, Jafler won the "Bear me" contest, instead of the "Beat me" contest. The submit tutorial request form was updated again, you now do not have to be a mamber of the site, you can also be a subscriber. I took out the "Did you like this form" option, because people were giving it 5's just to try to get their tutorial done. NO SIGNATURE REQUESTS. I've had like 12. Seriously. The Other Information page has been updated. Anyway, thats all the updated made I can think of. -GKH

New Banner - February 1st, 2009

Congratulations AcornComicsInc, the community voted -- and your banner won! I also updated the text colors so they don't clash with Acorn's colors. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! 

Contest Winner - January 26th, 2009

Congratulations to Jafler for winning the beat me contest. His YouTube account is asitaarka2.

Happy Birthday to Me, and Other Updates - January 21st, 2009

My birthday was on the 20th. Anyway, the submit tutorial request form was updated. You now must enter in your username instead of your email, that was it is easier to keep track of who submitted the request. You now MUST be a member of the website to use the form. Thanks, GimpKnowHow 

Vote in the GKH Banner Contest! - January 19th, 2009

Make sure to place your vote for your favorite banner! The thread is listed in the contests catagory. 

Avatar Problems... - January 10th, 2009

As some of you have noticed, the avatars are NOT rendering. I have already filed a support form with webs and am looking into the problem. -GimpKnowHow

Spirals and Forms - January 7th, 2009

Hey guys, sorry for the wait on my spirals tutorial. It was being stubborn. Anyway, the tutorial is now released. Also, if I already have that tutorial out, don't ask for it on the submit tutorial request form. i only get 25 submissions a month.

Two New Video Tutorials - January 6th, 2009

Hello GimpKnowHow's portal. I have recently uploaded two tutorials, one on youtube, one only on this website. The one exclusive to the website is how to make spirals, or paths of light that circle around a render, the youtube tutorial is how to make a Van Gough like background. This will become available tomorrow, sorry for the wait.  Enjoy -GimpKnowHow

Errors, Moderators, and Contests - January 4th, 2009

Firstly, errors are happening all the time. Sorry. I have no control. Its webs. If someone will pitch in 200$ for Vbulliten I will buy a domain name and we will all have a great time. Seeing as how no one will do this, webs is pretty much my only option. 

Next: Moderators. I have two moderators, TangyFruity, and AcornComicsInc. I picked them because they were the first to really post in the forum and they both are very civil. If you didn't get picked that means that I only have room for two mods at the moment (otherwise EVERYONE who posted would be mods). 

 Lastly, I have a new contest out in the forum, along with another catagory.


First Exclusive Tutorial! - December 30th, 2008

It is a continuation of a tutorial submitted to YouTube, also available here, of course. 

Video Archive Difficulty Levels - December 28th, 2008

Ratings from 1-10 are now installed in the Archived Video Library. Give me some feedback if the ratings should be adjusted. I tried to rate them being 1 = Incredibly Easy, 10 = Very Difficult. I tried to rate these videos according to someone just familiar with Gimp. Feedback, please!


Exclusive Tutorials - December 27th, 2008

Exclusive tutorials will become available shortly. In my last website, I failed to impliment these, however, in this one, I will. The site will be promoted in YouTube shortly. Please become a member. Anyone can look at these tutorials, only members can comment on them. Members also can post in the forum.   -GimpKnowHow 

Registration Issues - December 27th, 2008

Some people have been experiencing difficulty when attempting to register for the site. Due to my server being slow, the confirmation emails that are sent out after you register may take a few hours to get to your inbox. Sorry for the trouble.      -GimpKnowHow

Welcome - December 26th, 2008

As of Friday, December 26th, this site is officially created. At this site you can find exclusive tutorials, and all the other tutorials you can find on YouTube.  -GimpKnowHow 

Announcement - December 23rd, 2008

This site is officially under construction as of Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008. This is GimpKnowHow's official website, forum, and general GIMP hub. Long live the open source!   -GimpKnowHow